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Industrial Plants

  • Heavy melting scrap treatment Plant – from Scrap to finished Products (Re-bars, Angel , Channel , Beam Round, Ingot Etc…..) we provide complete solution.
  • Copper Upcast plant : from scrap to Copper rod up
  • Copper Drawing and cabling plant : from rod to domestic as well as industrial cable
  • Aluminum tilting Furness – scrap to different alloys
  • Aluminum Die casting machines – scrap to different parts and kitchen appliances
  • Lead rotary Furnace – scrap to re usable lead
  • Battery Manufacturing Plant – all type of car and 2 wheeler battery manufacturing.
  • Injection Molding , Blow Molding , Extruder for Recycling Plants, Grinder, Washing Plants , Extrusion , shrink roll Machine , rotational Molding Machine ,PET Blowing , Pvc Pipe and HDPE Pipe Plants, Moulds for all type of process, all electrical parts, accessories …. Plastic raw material like PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PVC, Random, PIB, Pet, master batch, filler, optical brighteners, Moisture Powder,  Etc…..
  • Refectories for all type of Furness, insulation material also chemicals and other products for recycling plants